Do it with passion or not at all...

Sucellus himself would lower his hammer to enjoy a swift one of ours given the chance.

Kicking off in November 2015 it's hard to believe how busy it's gotten so quickly. From one batch of Milk Stout spread out around Nelson to over 40 different fantastic tap houses throughout Aotearoa that embrace the same passion we feel toward great tasting brews.

If you don't manage to get out much and prefer a night in over a few, we have heard your call ! Our ranges are appearing on more shelves within more outlets nationwide daily, check out the list at the bottom of the page for stockists

We love our brews, we love giving you the chance to enjoy them and will continue to create new and exciting stuff as we grow. Come on the journey with us and enjoy every drop

HorseBox - Get Amongst It !

Beervana 2016

"Horse-Bonnet". We took the second hottest chilli in the world, the scotch bonnet. We live infused it on the day giving us all the big nose fresh fruity flavours without all that intense heat. It went OFF ! Big mouth feel, big fruity flavour with a light bit of tingle heat that slowly comes from the back of your throat then tingles forward across your tongue to your lips like champagne than just delicately disappears... this will be made on a large scale soon guys, keep an eye out !

Tasty Brews in Bottles

This fine array of exquisite brews are all available in 500ml throughout the land. Weather it's a Stout, APA, NZIPA or Pilsner you prefer we got ya covered.

Our brews come with big flavours and thats the way we like them.

As we grow so shall our ranges, we are stoked to be able to offer them all to you to take home and enjoy.

Go find some !

Smooth, creamy and full of life with rich chocolate, toffee & caramel tones. Its depth of flavour is akin to a night spent with someone way out of your league. You know it's a special experience you won’t have often, so you look you know what you are doing and enjoy every bit as much as you can before it’s over.

ACTUAL TASTING NOTES: This is rich, creamy and has intense chocolate/toffee tones, a great milk stout with a donkey kick of carbonation to give it extra life

APA 5.7% ABV

A long sparge ago in a mash tun far far away... The elite soldiers of the Hopire. They serve as ever present reminders of the absolute power of the Hoperor. These faceless enforcers of the New Order are considered an extension of the Hoperor's will, and thus they often use efficient yet usually unreasonable tactics as a way to keep thousands of brewery systems throughout the galaxy in line. Guardians of our precious resources they will happily lay down their life for the Hoperor to prevent rebel brewers making bad ale.

ACTUAL TASTING NOTES: This American Pale Ale uses a great mix of Columbus & Cascade hops with a little homegrown varieties to balance it out. It is an excellently balanced hoppy ale and is always in high demand


A warrior like this is rare. Strength gained the hard way by being heated and mashed until everything sweet has been extracted from what he once was. Resilient his now noble footprint commands respect by even the toughest adversary. Seen as an outsider, he has the body to survive where others cannot. Embrace the warrior within

ACTUAL TASTING NOTES: This is a fantastically well balanced Pilsner showcasing the very best in local hops. The elegantly woven mix of Riwaka & Motueka hops at various stages offer a delightfully crisp New Zealand Pilsner. A very subtle hint of fruity Nelson Sauvin hops elevates this brew above the rest in our view.


Showing his Alpha side, he embraces the bitterness within. Bold enough to go where he dares, he leaves a mark strong with depth. Those that challenge his style quickly see he is not to be played with, even though he comes across a little fruity at first. When the road calls, you answer !

ACTUAL TASTING NOTES: It is a hoppy, fruity & bitter IPA made using only New Zealand hops with generous servings of Pacific Jade & Nelson Sauvin

IPA 5.7% ABV

Special release

We have wanted to brew this beer for quite some time now. After finally getting a bag of the precious Amarillo hops, we didn't waste time and smashed out 1200 litres as soon as we could.. it'll be a while before we can make this bad boy again

ACTUAL TASTING NOTES: With a sweet malt finish and nutty citrus flavour from Amarillo & Simcoe Hops, this brew is a bit of an unstoppable force.


Co-Lab Series

Good food, good times and good brews make for a perfect storm of elements to create something special among friends. We got together with Pascal & the crew at Smiths Craft Beer House in Queenstown and designed a beer to celebrate our anniversary

ACTUAL TASTING NOTES: US Cascade & Simcoe smash your palate in a fruit punch flavour profile that we hope you all love. American Ale Yeast, American Ale Malt & American Hops, it's a perfect Storm of awesomeness


Co-Lab Series

"It hits your nose so hard your mouth feels what's coming next" Brewed with Cam from SOUTHPAW BREWING COMPANY in Christchurch.

ACTUAL TASTING NOTES: Centennial along with some of New Zealand's finest hops make up this fresh floral, massively aromatic bright ale. American Ale Yeast, American Ale Malt & American Hops, it's punches above it's weight


Special release

We have put a twist on an NZ IPA this year and made it snow for winter. We've thrown in a heap of torrified wheat and ramped it up with a whopping amount of Nelson Sauvin & Kohatu New Zealand hops.

Because you gotta shred the Pow when its on the hill - Pow days are the best days ! "Pow Pow" NZIPA

Where to Buy Horse Box Beer

The Lumsden - Auckland
Hopscotch - Auckland
Flight 605 - Auckland
Craft - Hamilton
The Lake House - Taupo
The Hour Glass - New Plymouth
Rutland Arms Inn- Wanganui
Little Beer Quarter - LBQ !
Rogue and Vagabond
Goldings Freedive
Hashigo Saki
Malt House
The Southern Cross - The Cross !
Fork and Brewer
Hop Garden
The Third Eye - Tuatara
Kelburn Village Pub
Thistle Inn
The Free House - Nelson
DeVille Cafe Bar - Nelson
Rhythm and Brown - Nelson
The Boathouse - Nelson
Bel-Aire Tavern - Nelson
Jellyfish Cafe - Mapua
Styx Cafe Bar - Nelson
East Street cafe Bar - Nelson
Moutere Inn - upper Moutere
TOAD Hall - Motueka
Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn - Chch
The Institution - Chch
Punky Brewster - Chch
The Volstead - Chch
Civil & Naval - Lyttleton
Twisted Hop - chch
Albar - Dunedin
Eureka Cafe Bar - Dunedin
Fork & Tap - Arrowtown
Smiths Craft Beer House - Queenstown
Craft Beer Depot - Nelson
Fresh Choice Nelson
Fresh Choice Richmond
Super Liquor Tahunanui - Nelson
Liquorland- Nelson
Fresh Choice Picton
Fresh Choice Merivale - Christchurch
Fresh Choice Barrington - Christchurch
Fresh Choice Roslyn - Dunedin
Fresh Choice Queenstown
Fresh Choice Te Anau
Super Liquor Tahunanui
Liquorland New Street Nelson
Ngaio Discount Liquor - Wellington
Super Liquor Blenheim rd, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Ferrymead, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Pages Road, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Hornby, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Brighton, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Woolston, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Lyttleton, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Woodend, ChristChurch
Super Liquor Seaside, ChristChurch
Woodham Road Liquor, ChristChurch
Beer Library - Christchurch
Riccarton Liquorland - Christchurch
Meenans Wines & Spirits - Dunedin